​​UPDATE 6/17: I’d hoped to have a thousand signatures by election day, but I’m finding that some people are uneasy signing an online petition.  So, I also have created a Facebook page (Vets Deserve Better) where people can express support by “liking” the page and providing comments.

Abraham Lincoln

In loving memory of Charles Brooks and Chuck Williamson, USAF Korean Vets.

And in honor of LIMA company... you know who you are.

Let's make 2016 a pivotal year in addressing the needs of those who have or are currently putting their lives on the line!

Contact us at improvetheva2016@gmail.com.

Thank you for your support!

Veterans deserve better medical care.  Sign the open letter on change.org to let Congress know that people in America care about this issue.

Vets Deserve Better. 

Update 12/08:
Today I mailed the letters with information about how many people signed the petition at change.org about vets deserving better medical care and how many people have "liked" the FB page "Vets Deserve Better" (More than 2700!) to the following:

President Barak Obama            Senator Jim Inhofe             Representative Jim Bridenstine...
Senator Bernie Sanders            Speaker Paul Ryan              Representative Ralph Abraham
Senator Johnny Isakson           Senator John Lankford       President-Elect Donald Trump
Representative Jeff Miller        Senator Dean Heller            Representative Joyce Beatty