Vets Deserve Better. 

Letter to Washington...

We need your help.  Please read this before handing it off to an aide.

You can make, or already have made, a difference in the quality of medical care that our veterans receive.  More needs to be done.

I started a petition on in May of this year to ask for better medical care at the VA.  My interest in veterans’ issues comes from two sources:

My dad was a Korean Vet (Air Force) and suffered from what I now know was PTSD
My boyfriend is a Vietnam Vet (USMC) and has health issues from not only PTSD but also being exposed multiple times to Agent Orange as numerous vets were.

Many people, especially veterans, were afraid to sign the petition.  Fear of reprisal is what some of them said, so I started a Facebook page and immediately received responses and comments.  Please see the attachment.  We’ve had 2700+ “likes.”

I believe the feeling of “Vets Deserve Better” runs deep with a significant portion of the American population, and we saw it come up during the presidential campaign.

We have three questions:
1. What do you see as the path to improved medical care for our vets?
2. What can the citizens do to make that happen? 
3. What support do you need?

 On a personal note, I am willing to work with any or all of you in whatever way I can to make forward progress on this issue.  Please contact me and tell me how I can help.